Maria Theresa Barbist: Einkehr

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In this movement based performance Maria Theresa Barbist reflects on memories of her childhood growing up in the Tyrolean Alps. Her feet touching the earth, it's cold as the rain moves along her body and ominous forces push her off balance. She is carefully finding a place to hold. A place to move. Barbist interacts with a self created 'Fallschirm', German for parachute, a symbolic safety measure on dangerous mountain paths. Ascending toward an allusion her body shifts as nature exerts an unease, a tremor. An invitation of tension as her body shifts again. Leaving the walls of the valley behind, she recalls standing on the mountain top: a feeling of freedom.

"I create, destroy and re-build connections - connections between parts of my body, connections between body and mind, connections between the inside and outside world.

The main purpose of my artwork is the transformation of overwhelming memories and feelings into something tangible, viewable, and concrete so communication and ultimately healing becomes possible."

Maria Theresa Barbist

Many thanks to post-studio projects for bringing Maria Theresa Barbist to Scrawl.