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Sasha Petrenko: Animal Projections

At Scrawl Petrenko will present Animal Projections, a multi-media installation and performance consisting of documentary video, field recordings, biomorphic props made of woven willow as well as a set of instructions demonstrated by dancers.

Developed by The New Urban Naturalists* (one of several imaginary collectives conceived by Petrenko), the instructions inspired by Janine Benyus’s Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats of the Western United States are designed to facilitate deeper interspecies relations. Audience participation is encouraged.

*The New Urban Naturalists support the development of interspecies relationships as a means toward planetary, environmental and societal stability.

Sasha Petrenko (  is an interdisciplinary artist based in Richmond, Ca. Her work has been presented locally and nationally at numerous venues including Robert Wilson's Watermill Center, NY, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and Southern Exposure, San Francisco, and the Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA.

Her current work consisting of community constructions and instructional choreography can be at once earnest, poetic and absurd, deconstructing utopian ideologies against the backdrop of contemporary culture.







Renee Rhodes: Navigating in a Whiteout

Dec 23rd,  2012

We went to Bouvet Island because it is not the sort of place we would ever be able to get to physically. As we scrolled deeper and deeper, the landscape appeared as an utterly featureless void. A shifting blankness all around us. Whiteouts create absence from excess. An avalanche of data; a complete disorientation.

Perhaps the biggest mystery of this whole expedition is not the strange landscape itself but the ever shifting question: "where we are?"

For the time being we have got to figure out some ways to navigate out of here - but none of the old maps are of any use to us now. We've begun looking for the maps and measurements in our muscles and memories.

Will write again soon.


Renée Rhodes is a San Francisco-based artist focusing on intersections between dance, technology and natural phenomena. Her video, dance, and installation work has most notably been featured at the Headlands Center for the Arts, Z-Lab, UC Berkeley, SOMArts, San Francisco; Velocity Dance Center, Seattle; La Sala SAM, Santiago, Chile and Nexus Art Gallery, Manchester, UK. Her writing has been published in Media Fields Journal (UC Santa Barbara) as well as in through the Dance Discourse Project (SF).

See what she makes at