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"We are the Field" with ap-art-ment

“We are the field.”

How is the field an important concept vs. the point? The field is a concept that includes a space from which activities or objects are produced, but doesn't declare a single point of arising, a single location of etymology. The field is a rich metaphor connoting abundance, genetic mixing, and time-based processes.

In the context of drawing, the field and the point can have many implications. The point as a marker on a line (a point from which a line starts, ends, or designating a single location on the continuum) and the field as a situation of amalgamation, the coalescing of various forms, ideas and processes. It is this space of complexity that we find most valuable and is our jumping off point for remaining drawing conceptually and physically.

ap-art-ment is a time-based and generative collaboration. ap-art-ment's projects are motivated by experiences that are non-utopic, non-linear, and function on a variety of levels: collaboratively, educationally, aesthetically, socially, politically, locally. Invested in the politics of trust and questioning the motivations of community-building and its limitations. We see the immersive experience as an art form and encourage both an expansive approach to art-making and art viewing/participation.

As a collaboration, ap-art-ment curates and produces work, and has worked and exhibited nationally: as visiting artists at James Madison University in Virginia in an intensive workshop with textile students; collaboratively with a group of over 60 artists at the SCOPE art fair in Miami; with a solo exhibit, About the Thing and the Thing Itself, which received critical acclaim as Las Vegas Weekly’s top pick for exhibitions in 2011, at Las Vegas' VAST Space; and throughout galleries, artist-run spaces, and institutions in Northern California, with the inclusion of works in Southern Exposure's Art Publishing Now Library, and exhibitions at Adobe Books Parlor and OFF Space's most recent exhibition: Shifting Margins at Aggregate Space in Oakland.